Facts in Five

Fundamental research, from the inner workings of cells to the physics of food, builds towards major leaps forward in agriculture, medicine and technology. Visit the stacks with this sample of recent findings translated into succinct science.


Borrowed Bacterial Enzyme Boosts Plant’s Productivity 

A faster RuBisCO with potential to increase photosynthesis in crops

By Maureen Hanson 
Molecular Biology and Genetics 

Antibiotic Resistance in Two Easy Steps 

Mutations in the primary sigma factor σA and termination factor Rho that reduce susceptibility to cell wall antibiotics

By John Helmann 

Blight Creates Zombie Tomato Cells, Feasts 

Transcriptional dynamics of Phytophthora infestans during sequential stages of hemibiotrophic infection of tomato

By Jocelyn Rose 
Plant Biology

Sap-feeding Whitefly Pilfers Bacterial Genes 

Metabolic coevolution in the bacterial symbiosis of whiteflies and related plant sap-feeding insects

By Angela Douglas

Inflammation Risk Persists After Smoking Cessation 

Persistence of smoking-induced dysregulation of miRNA expression in the small airway epithelium despite smoking cessation

By Jason Mezey
Biological Statistics and Computational Biology