Outstanding Alumni

Savneet SinghSavneet Singh - Young Alumni Achievement Award

​Savneet Singh credits his father with pushing him to take risks while giving him the freedom to make mistakes, a boldness that has fueled his rapid ascent from investment banking analyst to innovator in the financial marketplace. His most recent brainchild is GBI, borne out of the need for a more democratized, electronic system for both retail and institutional investors to purchase physical gold. Founded in 2010, GBI allows consumers to purchase, sell and exchange physical precious metals as straightforwardly as ordering a stock or bond, and the company also provides gold storage in seven countries around the world.

Dan CaneDaniel Cane - Young Alumni Achievement Award

Dan Cane launched his first business, Blackboard, with a team of roommates while still an undergrad. In the years since, he has become a visionary entrepreneur and steward of the startup community. Cane recently turned his keen eye for problems—and a strong impulse to solve them—to improving health care outcomes. As president, CEO and co-founder of Modernizing Medicine, Cane is leading the development of technology to assist physicians in decision making, through a new electronic medical records system that taps the collective wisdom of the medical community’s real-life data.

Elizabeth EverettElizabeth Everett - Outstanding Alumni Award

Liz Everett has been attending Cornell football games since before she learned to walk. She has subsequently become a trailblazer—the first among her dozens of Cornell alumni relatives to graduate from CALS—and she is already leaving impressive footprints through service in leadership to the university.

Catherine GaffneyCatherine Gaffney - Outstanding Alumni Award

Cathy Gaffney credits Wegmans with giving her the support to make decisions with both her mind and her heart, which has led to innovative partnerships between CALS, Wegmans and the New York dairy industry.

Michael NozzolioMichael Nozzolio - Outstanding Alumni Award

As the senior Senator representing the Finger Lakes region, Michael Nozzolio has been a strong and effective leader, focusing his energy on projects that drive the economy and create jobs.

William MageeWilliam Magee - Outstanding Alumni Award

When faced with a vote on an agricultural issue, many an urban New York State Assembly member has asked, “What does Bill Magee think?” Assemblyman William “Bill” Magee has led through legislation for more than 25 years, advocating for agricultural research and extension while relying on research to inform policy making. His role as leader in the State Assembly in explaining food, farming, and the value of agricultural research and extension is unparalleled. 

Dana DalrympleDana Dalrymple - Outstanding Alumni Award

With a career spanning more than four decades with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Agency for International Agricultural Development (USAID), Dana Dalrymple is both a product of and proponent for the Land-Grant Mission, whose work documented the economics of agricultural science as a public good.

Richard StedmanRichard Stedman - CALS Rising Star Faculty Award 

For Richard Stedman, associate professor of natural resources, a “sense of place” transcends nostalgia. It’s a measurable, predictable, potent driving force in how people respond to environmental and social change; it shapes public policy and resource management in crucial ways. His work has played a pivotal role in defining this area of inquiry.

Margaret SmithMargaret Smith - CALS Outstanding Faculty Award

A knack for finding the kernel of truth—whether in a field of potential corn varieties, as a moderator in a heated debate about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or as a consensus builder about the future of the college—has made Margaret Smith, professor of plant breeding and genetics, a valuable scholar and public servant for the state of New York.